Platform Innovations

Platform Innovations

Platform Innovations

Bizagi True Cloud portal

4 Key Benefits of Bizagi’s Cloud Solution

69% of enterprises are moving their business-critical applications to the cloud. This move demonstrates that organizations recognize the benefits that the cloud has to offer. Whether that’s added security, scale or the ability to roll updates...

Why have we changed our registration process?

If you’re a regular user of Bizagi Modeler, then you’ll notice we’ve updated our login procedure. Why? To improve your Bizagi experience. Let me explain… Over the past years, we have never...
Bizagi Modeler Services

Modeler 3.4 – Exclusive Updates for Modeler Users 

Modeler 3.4 is here! Learn about the fantastic new features we’re launching to give you the best process modeling experience. Over the last few months the...

New Cloud Launch is the Spirit of Bizagi

Low code, easy to use and intuitive: Bizagi broke the BPM mould 7 years back when it offered its Bizagi Modeler to the world. Now with over 500,000 users globally it’s...
Bizagi 11.2.1

Bizagi 11.2.1 is Here with New RPA, Bizagi Sites and Mobile Capabilities

Bizagi 11.2.1 presents Blue Prism native RPA integration, Bizagi Sites and Device Specific Forms   With the 11.2.1 version of Bizagi, we are continuing to push the boundaries of the Digital Process Automation (DPA) market by making it even easier...

Why We’re Launching The Digital Business Platform

This is the story behind Bizagi 11, and why it changes everything... A platform for business in the digital economy You’ve seen it yourself, disruptive digital businesses have infiltrated almost every industry, and...
Bizagi Excel connector

Automate Processes and Unleash the Power of your Excel Spreadsheets

With over 1 billion users around the globe, Microsoft Excel is the de facto standard for calculations, analysis and reporting of financial information.  

First Look at The New Enterprise Plan for Modeler Collaboration Services

At the beginning of April, we launched the Enterprise Plan within our Modeler Collaboration Services offering. This cloud based service is available as a subscription and marks the latest capability under...

Bizagi deepens Intelligent Process Automation Capability with 11.2.2

- Bizagi 11.2.2 provides Automation Anywhere RPA integration, Advanced Offline Forms and Dynamic Rules Tracer The Bizagi intelligent process automation platform makes it easy to orchestrate people, applications, devices,...
Artificial Intelligence Bizagi, Machine Learning, Process Automation

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Has Landed in Bizagi 11.1

Artificial intelligence and process automation are intrinsically linked by the goal of empowering businesses to make smarter, faster decisions. As organizations strive to digitally transform, many are exploring how AI could enhance the power...

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