Financial Services

Financial Services

GDPR: 3 Essential Strategies for Financial Services

Data breaches are on the rise in financial services, making it the most attacked industry in the world. Financial Services experience 65% more data breaches than average organizations, according to IBM’s...
Banking Fraud Prevention

Banking Fraud Prevention: System Silos Create Gaps for Criminals

84% of companies worldwide experienced a fraud incident last year – that’s an alarmingly high rate. The banking industry is particularly at risk, with the typical organization losing 5%...
IT leaders financial services

3 Ways IT Leaders in Financial Services can Drive Business Innovation

Financial services organizations risk falling behind the innovation curve by not enabling proper collaboration. 92% of businesses report at least one kind of tension within their organization, and the disconnect between...

How AgFirst Ensures Compliance in the Finance Industry using Process Automation

Ensuring compliance in finance is no easy feat. It means navigating a complex labyrinth of laws and regulations. So how can leaders implement the right processes and governance to meet...
customer experience financial services

Perfecting the Customer Experience in Financial Services

Did you know that 61% of financial services firms feel that they neglect the implications of systems change when trying to build engaging customer experiences? This statistic (taken from Bizagi's research) is...
Financial Services Automation

4 Essential Automation Tips for Financial Service Providers

“The stage is set for FS automation and AI to move from what was, only a few years ago, relatively vague concepts to bona fide, strategic business imperatives.” – Financier Worldwide Magazine
wealth management bizagi

3 Ways Bizagi Transforms Wealth Management Organizations

68% of global wealth managers say that keeping up with new technology is the top challenge that they face, according to the Thomas Reuters report, Digitalization of Wealth Management....
Bancolombia headquarters

Intelligent Process Automation: Bizagi and RPA in Action at Bancolombia

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is making its mark on the financial services industry. Juniper Research has found that RPA revenues in banking will reach $1.2 billion by 2023: a 400%...

Why Aren’t Banks Doing More with Blockchain?

Why Aren’t Banks Doing More with Blockchain? Over the last 18 months a lot has been written about Blockchain and the benefit to financial services companies in adopting distributed ledger technology (DLT). It’s...

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