Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation

Real digital transformation is about much more than an organization's external digital footprint. It demands a significant evolution of core business technologies and operations in order to truly revolutionize the customer experience and create competitive advantage.

Why Businesses Struggle with Digital Transformation

A question for business and digital leaders, are you finding it hard to deliver digital transformation? If yes, then new research confirms that you are not alone. It turns out that digital...
Digital Transformation Lifestyle

Digital Transformation is Not a Diet – It’s a Lifestyle

Here’s a different way to think about digital transformation. Every business leader on the planet understands the importance of achieving digital transformation. But few would describe their businesses as digitally healthy. We...

The Power of BPM in the Digital Transformation Race

Everyone is talking about digital transformation, but where is the right place to start? And what role can BPM tools play in meeting digital business goals? In the brand new Magic Quadrant...

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