Digital Process Automation

Digital Process Automation

Insurance Process Automation

5 Insurance Processes Transformed by Digital Process Automation

Insurance used to be seen as a long, drawn-out, paper-heavy process. But Digital Process Automation (DPA) is changing all that… Thanks to digital transformation across...

Smart Manufacturing: How Geesinknorba Increased Production Efficiency by 45%

If your manufacturing isn’t smart, then you’re not doing it right. Smart Manufacturing means embracing new technologies to become more efficient, and the industrial sector is already reaping the benefits. PwC...
Bizagi and SAP

5 Ways a Process Automation Platform Can Add Value to SAP

There’s no denying SAP’s excellence as a central system of record. But it’s well known that delivering change on your SAP platform is both extremely slow and prohibitively expensive. It’s...
Gartner iBPMS

Intelligence Leads the Way in 2019 Magic Quadrant for iBPMS  

Challenge the norm. That’s what we suggest. It’s also what we do. For the third year running, Bizagi has been recognized as a ‘Challenger’ by Gartner in the latest iBPMS (Intelligent Business Process Management...

Business Automation and COVID-19: How to Prepare for the New Normal

COVID-19 has disrupted the way all organizations operate. In fact, only 2% of organizations believe their business can continue as normal, according to Gartner. Businesses around the world have been forced to...
rpa and bpm

How Bizagi & UiPath Combine for Complete Digital Process Automation

UiPath's RPA solution is a gateway to the rapid automation of mundane work, freeing humans to work on more cognitive tasks, which is a critical element of digital transformation....

[Infographic] Limit the Impact of COVID-19 on Business Operations

COVID-19 is changing the way organizations around the world operate. And only 12% of organizations say they are highly prepared for the impact of Coronavirus. So, it’s vital to...

What Would Uber Look Like Without Context?

Many of today's leading app-led businesses are highly dependent on contextualization. Think about Uber if it didn't have critical contextual information such as your location and the location of the taxis that are...
economic downturn

4 Technology Priorities for Enterprises Preparing for Economic Downturn

The global economy is reeling in the wake of COVID-19. But even before COVID-19, over two-thirds of CFOs and 59% of economists believed a recession would hit by 2020. For unexpected reasons...
Financial Services Automation

4 Essential Automation Tips for Financial Service Providers

“The stage is set for FS automation and AI to move from what was, only a few years ago, relatively vague concepts to bona fide, strategic business imperatives.” – Financier Worldwide Magazine

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