Digital Process Automation

Digital Process Automation


HyperAutomation: What is it and How Could it Save Your Business?

The global economy is in a precarious position. As a result, businesses are treading cautiously on expenditures, carefully examining their risk and withholding investments. Innumerable projects have been put...
Financial Services Automation

4 Essential Automation Tips for Financial Service Providers

“The stage is set for FS automation and AI to move from what was, only a few years ago, relatively vague concepts to bona fide, strategic business imperatives.” – Financier Worldwide Magazine
Intelligent Automation Bizagi

Introducing The Age of Intelligent Automation

Intelligent Automation is rapidly becoming the single most important technology for businesses to succeed. This article explores the history of the intelligent automation technology landscape.
what is intelligent process automation

What is Intelligent Process Automation (IPA)? 

Intelligent Process Automation is one aspect of a broader shift in technology, that of Automation as a whole. From driverless cars to autonomous drones, automation is helping make seemingly...

Loan Origination: How to Make it Fast, Personalized, Compliant and Connected

Over 75% of customers only engage with banks online and branch footfall is declining 15% year-over-year, according to Lloyds Banking Group. This proves that mobile and online banking experiences...

RPA and DPA: Why You Need Both for Digital Transformation

Within the next two years, Gartner predicts that 72% of organizations will be working with Robotic Process Automation (RPA). Additionally, Digital Process Automation (DPA) has been recognized as a major component for...

Business Automation and COVID-19: How to Prepare for the New Normal

COVID-19 has disrupted the way all organizations operate. In fact, only 2% of organizations believe their business can continue as normal, according to Gartner. Businesses around the world have been forced to...
Change Management Process Automation

4 Ways to Deliver Change Management for Process Automation

74% of companies say they will use process automation to some extent over the next three years, according to KPMG. However, some organizations are put off beginning their automation projects, and consequently...

Customer Onboarding: How to Make the Right First Impression

There's no denying it...customer expectations are at an all-time high. A recent Forrester report highlighted that empowered customers expect a seamless experience, improved efficiency and heightened responsiveness in all interactions with...

What Would Uber Look Like Without Context?

Many of today's leading app-led businesses are highly dependent on contextualization. Think about Uber if it didn't have critical contextual information such as your location and the location of the taxis that are...

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