Customer Engagement

Customer Engagement

Customer Engagement

Automate your Customer Engagement

In a time when everyone wants, and expects, immediate answers to their questions, the pressure is on for businesses when it comes to customer engagement. Enter process automation… Gartner predicts that by 2020...
customer engagement

7 Steps to Transform Your Customer Engagement

In our new survey of 500 business leaders, 77% identified digital transformation as a strategic priority. Our research also identified that 70% are focused specifically on improving customer engagement. This comes...
Financial Services Automation

4 Essential Automation Tips for Financial Service Providers

“The stage is set for FS automation and AI to move from what was, only a few years ago, relatively vague concepts to bona fide, strategic business imperatives.” – Financier Worldwide Magazine

Contextualization: The New Rules of Customer Engagement

I recently returned from a delightful European city break packed with sightseeing, sunshine, eating and drinking. As I wandered around the cobbled streets of Rome, TripAdvisor would ping updates to my...

Insurance Onboarding: The Key to Lasting Customer Relationships 

Loyalty doesn't count for much these days, particularly when it comes to insurance. Our experience with insurance providers has demonstrated that insurers are having to work harder than ever to attract...
Customer Experience in Insurance: How to Accelerate the Digital Transformation

Customer Experience in Insurance: How to Accelerate the Digital Transformation

Insurance has progressed from an age of information in the 1990s to the age of the customer. And the bar is being set by insurtechs. The onus is on established, incumbent...
insurance claims process

Insurance Claims Process: Don’t Leave Your Customers Waiting  

The claims process is the most important customer touch point in the insurance journey. It’s the crux the entire process and customers expect remuneration promptly. 69% of insurers rated customer experience...

[Infographic] 3 Ways to Transform Your Customer Engagement Strategy

In a digital age, customer expectations are sky high. So how do you deliver the best service possible? In our new survey of 500 business leaders, 70% said that they are focused...
healthcare customer experience

Telemedicine: Meet Customer Expectations in Healthcare with AI

There's nothing more important than our health. So it can be annoying when you're left waiting on healthcare services. I know I'm not the only who has been left waiting in...

The Customer Journey: How to Capitalize on Critical Moments

I rely heavily on the internet in my day-to-day life; don’t we all? When I moved house, I selected a broadband provider who could offer me a good deal and a...
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