Vacation from Lockdown: How CoronaPass is Set to Revitalize the Hospitality Industry

An important part of Bizagi’s response to COVID-19 was the launch of CoronaPass. It’s a solution to help companies, including existing customers, to design their ‘new normal’ for business operations, while keeping employees and customers as safe as possible. The stark truth is that until a vaccine is created and made available at scale, smart solutions are needed in order to restore day-to-day business.

For you and I as individuals, the hope is that new technologies and clever solutions can help us return to activities we’ve missed out on over the last few months due to COVID-19 and as an avid traveler, top of my list is going on vacation! 

However, what’s fast becoming clear is that ongoing fear of COVID-19 is as much of a threat to going on vacation and the travel industry as a whole as the virus itself. According to Forbes, only 16% of U.S. adults say they would travel aboard a commercial airliner on the first day after officials sound the “all clear” and remove all restrictions or health warnings put in place to limit the spread of coronavirus and resulting COVID-19 pandemic. And only 56% say they would be comfortable flying even 60 days after the “all clear” is given. 

Importantly, customers want to feel safe. If the threat of COVID-19 is looming, it’s not going to feel like much of a vacation. So what can providers in the hospitality industry do to help customers feel at ease? 

CoronaPass in Action in the Hospitality and Travel Industry 

This week as Greece opened up its borders to European travelers ahead of the summer months, CrossBorderMedCare announced that it would be providing Bizagi’s CoronaPass solution to the hospitality industry in Greece in order to keep employees and traveling tourists as safe as possible. The solution will mean that resort employees can have health checks and be authorized to work. It will also allow visitors to have access to testing should they wish. Read more here > 

While every business has its own unique challenges in this situation, there are many common and difficult questions leaders across industries are asking right now:

Under what circumstances can we allow employees to return to work? 

How can we keep our employees safe? 

Which employees should we allow to attend company premises? 

Which employees should be allowed to perform specific roles? 

How can we demonstrate to customers that we are taking every step possible to limit the risk to them? 

How can we differentiate our business by making it safer for customers than our competitors? 

How can we limit our liability by ensuring that employees accept terms and conditions if they themselves choose to return to the workplace? 

These questions and many more create a need for ways to manage the health status and differing risk levels of employees within an organization. The travel and hospitality industry is just one of many that could benefit from pass-based safety systems that reduce risk. 

How can Bizagi’s CoronaPass solution help? 

With CoronaPass, organizations can create different types of passes demonstrating that an individual is safe to enter a building, a cafeteria, to serve customers, etc. The criteria for pass types is set by the organization implementing the CoronaPass solution and it’s that organization that authorizes each individual pass according to their own criteria. 

One example of the solution is to allow users to apply for a pass through the validation of antigen or antibody test results. Following the test and approvals, they can receive a CoronaPass QR code that can be stored on mobile devices (similar to downloading a boarding pass) and presented for validation when necessary.

What are the elements of the solution? 

A pass type generation process (to define a new type of pass) 

A pass application process (for employees to apply for a pass) 

A pass certification process (for organizations to authorize each pass) 

A pass validator application (QR code scanner) 

How can I see a full CoronaPass demonstration?

A full explanation of the CoronaPass application and its capabilities is available on-demand in the webinar below.

Please do contact us for a discussion and demonstration according to your specific requirements.

Queries from the Contact Form on are sent directly to the team that manages our CoronaPass solution. For existing Bizagi customers please do feel free to reach out to your Bizagi contacts for information about CoronaPass.