5 Governance, Risk and Compliance Automation Templates You Can Use Right Now

Less than three-quarters (69%) of organizations are leveraging technology to support their compliance initiatives. But if you digitize Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) with process automation, you can avoid missteps in compliance, saving time, money and stress for everyone involved. In fact, enabling compliance technology can return up to $1.43 million in savings according to a benchmark compliance survey by Globalscape. 

GRC can “align IT with business objectives, while effectively managing risk and meeting compliance requirements”, according to CIO. Bizagi’s free process templates can help ensure IT operations and organizational activities support business while following legal stipulations and recommended best practice in a secure and controlled manner.  

Claims and Complaints 

Customers are vocal if they are dissatisfied with your product or services, so it’s important to ensure high customer satisfaction levels through faster and better answers to their suggestions and complaints. This can be achieved by focusing your resources on finding suitable responses. Bizagi’s petitions, claims and complaints process template takes away the complex issues associated with internal and external interactions by defining a complete and clear flow of information.  

The process starts when a customer makes a request. This is received by a customer service agent who will enter all the information before it is sent on to the necessary department. This employee can then select how to follow-up the response, be it by phone or email. The satisfaction regarding the request is then evaluated once the solution has been accepted. The case can then be closed.   

This template easily allows you to assign responsibilities and ensure they are followed up. Be confident that you are making the correct decisions and easily identify any actions. Enjoy the feeling of control as you deal efficiently with all interactions and build up a strong company reputation. 

Nonconformity Management  

A must-have for any Quality Management System, this process app enables you to manage nonconformities quickly and efficiently. Easily spot, manage and correct those anomalies that, when left untreated, threaten your budget, customer base, and industry credentials. 

A key point in a quality management system is the solution of non-conformities and unconformities presented. When the requirement is not fulfilled, failing to correct a nonconformity results in costs associated with rework, replacement, lost customers and even the loss of quality certification.  

The process begins when an auditor reports a nonconformity, which then must be assigned to a specific process. The process owner can then create an action plan to correct it. The plan may include some immediate tasks to correct the nonconformity in the short-term (rejection, concession, or correction of the product), but the process owner can also open a corrective action to eliminate the root causes. Following these actions, the auditor must verify that the nonconformity has been corrected before the case can be closed. 

Robust, fully documented and ISO 9000-based to ensure high-quality management practices, this Bizagi process template helps manage non-conformities quickly and effectively. You will be able to easily spot and rectify which requirements are not met and in turn, guard yourself against costly rework, loss of customers or certification. 

Contract Management 

Manage any contract from authoring to expiration, using an unstructured process relying on Bizagi context-awareness capabilities. 

Bizagi’s Contract Management is a first-hand approach of how a complex and extensive contract management process can be simplified, relying on the powerful Bizagi context-aware capabilities and its unstructured process management.  

If an employee requires the creation of a new contract for their organization, the new contract has to be assessed by all the parties involved. Its status will change as the process flows. Contract management is the perfect example of an unstructured process because each new contract differs greatly from the other, so the final outcome is difficult to predict, so this process heavily relies on the power of Bizagi to handle unstructured processes. The core process of contract management will be supported by subprocesses, including contract tracking, draft authoring, and updating contract status.  

This simple, yet powerful, unstructured process aimed to control every stage of a contract, all its assessments, related parties, statuses, versions and meeting results. Get rid of the uncertainty of endless process paths while you can be managing each contract differently through the same simple process. 

Access Management  

There is a plethora of information available in your company, but each user only needs access to certain areas. How do you know what information should be available to each user? And how can you ensure that each user only has access to information that is strictly necessary? 

The Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) is a framework for the management of technological resources, focused on ensuring customer satisfaction while at the same time defining standards that allow control, operation, and management of them in order to achieve strategic goals. The Bizagi Access Management template is based on the ITIL practices to ensure the availability of information to users that really need it. 

Using this template, which is available to download for free from the Bizagi Xchange, you can create requests for activating or deactivating permissions for applications, folders or services. It is also possible to manage approvals, enable complete control of the activities within each request, and update the list of users’ active permissions. 

In addition, you can control users’ access through easy communication between human resources and information security management areas. So, you can attend to requests faster and create a communication channel to warrant the confidentiality and security of the information. This helps you gain complete control over the information that users can access based on their roles and responsibilities, while being guided by ITIL to be 100% confident when granting access permissions. 

Change Management  

Change Management helps your organization to respond to changes as part of business continuity, for any new business requirements, or for continuous improvement. Any change requires a proper evaluation of possible effects and careful planning and execution to minimize any impact or disruption. This is where digital process automation, put in place with Bizagi’s change management template, can help. 

Much like the Access Management process, this process template is based on ITIL to help guarantee changes through planning, impact and risk evaluation, control of levels of authorization, and assisting in the implementation and documentation. 

The process starts with the creation of a Request for Change (RFC), which is first planned and reviewed. It is then submitted to the IT department, who will establish an initial assessment and evaluation to decide if the RFC is accepted, rejected, or if it needs amending. Changes must be approved according to their classification and impact levels. 

When the RFC has been authorized, it is planned, developed, tested, communicated and executed. Then the change implementation is evaluated by the requester, who confirms if it was successful or not. The necessary actions to remedy any unexpected or undesired effects of the implementation are performed if required. Then finally, the manager reviews the development of the change and closes the RFC. 

Using the Change Management process template, available to download for free from the Bizagi Xchange, will allow you to: 

  • Prioritize and respond to change requests 
  • Reduce both response times and the number of unsuccessful changes 
  • Provide better estimations of time and costs to aid productivity 
  • Identify useful information that will support continuous improvement 

You can download all the templates above from the Bizagi Xchange for free, which you can build in Bizagi Modeler, define data, rules, and integrations in Bizagi Studio, and then use Bizagi Automation to run the applications. Templates are fully customizable, so they are fully adaptable to your exact requirements. If you like what you see, there are other business process templates available.