Why We Made 2019 The Year of Relentless Innovation at Bizagi

In the age of digital Darwinism adaptability is the key to survival 

The hard truth is that success in the past is no guarantee of success in the future. We firmly believe that for companies to survive and thrive in this digital age, they need to be more Agile, Connected and Engaging. “To enable innovation and experimentation your organization must have agile technology implementations,” said Gustavo Gomez, Bizagi CEO.   

“You also need to embrace the new nature of connected processes in the business world by incorporating a global orchestrator into your business architecture. And vitally, provide engaging experiences for customers by identifying and leveraging contextual information to deliver more relevant information and offers,” added Gomez.  

These are HUGE challenges, they demand an entirely new mindset, and companies will certainly face many cultural and technological barriers that hold them back from this vision. 

These ideas have always been at the heart of Bizagi’s platform capability. But to help our customers on this journey we dedicated a huge engineering effort over the last year to build functionality further supports customers in these three key areas. We did this by creating features that will help our customers break down some of the most important cultural and technological barriers at play.  

New Features to Help You Be More AGILE 

According to Bizagi’s global research, 51% of business leaders stated that they were focusing on improving agility over the next 18 months.  

With that in mind and based conversations with our customers, we created Bizagi Studio Collaboration Services which accelerates process automation by helping teams to co-develop new processes and operating models in a globalized team environment, with the flexibility to develop on-prem or in the cloud. 

That flexibility and agility is the crux of four new features in Bizagi Studio, all of which have been developed so that your organization can keep up with the pace of change and help users to be more productive:   

  • Dynamic Rules Tracer: Quickly check and debug on-the-fly rules during its execution ensuring more agile and stable developments.   
  • Scheduler 2.0: This is meant for high-performance large projects. We have included a new dispatcher with the ability to prioritize jobs and create dedicated queues to run the most important tasks.   
  • Management Console Web: Automation Services Customers running in version 11.2.2 can enable the new Management Console web (MC web) on-demand. It has an amazing web design and comes with new features for deployments.   
  • Advanced Offline Forms: We have added sophisticated capabilities to our offline offering. It is now possible to have fully-customizable definitions of an offline form, creating new mobile experiences, previously not seen anywhere in the market. 
Bizagi Dynamic Rules Tracer
Dynamic Rules Tracer

New Features to Help You Be More CONNECTED 

Disparate technologies are the enemy of any organization undergoing digital transformation, which is why Bizagi offers up native integrations and ready-made connectors to a variety of applications and intelligent technologies.  

In particular, we want to support the organizations that are integrating their business processes with robots to enable Robotic Process Automation. That’s why we’ve teamed up with the three leading RPA vendors, Automation Anywhere, Blue Prism and UiPath to offer out-of-the-box integration. Bizagi can then help to deliver that end-to-end automation that so many organizations crave.  

Alongside RPA, Business Intelligence is becoming a vital part of end-to-end operations. Bizagi’s native integrations with Tableau and Power BI help employees to take a connected approach business intelligence by transforming raw data into meaningful information which provides strategic, tactical and operational insights.  

As Rob Koplowitz, VP Principal Analyst at Forrester, recently highlighted, “There’s a lot of value in combining technologies like RPA and AI to provide cognitive bots… But the real value comes from that end-to-end process automation where you apply intelligence across the whole operation that you get the best return and the best value.”  

There is also a host of new, ready-made connectors available to download in the Bizagi Xchange, including SharePoint Online, Dynamics CRM Online, and a native Excel connector.  

Bizagi and RPA
RPA Native Integration

New Features to Help You Be More ENGAGING 

Customer experience is more important than ever. A totally satisfied customer contributes 14 times as much revenue as a somewhat dissatisfied customer, according to Trust Pilot. So to create that totally satisfying experience, you need contextualization: offering exactly the right products and services to the right customer, at the right time.  

With Bizagi Sites you can now create a unique user experience for each stakeholder, with a customized look and feel and contextual information. Arming front line employees with the right tools at critical points in the customer journey can help to reduce onboarding times, increase revenues, up-sell, cross-sell and reduce customer churn.    

We’ve also enhanced user experience for people on the go. Most DPA vendors offer mobile solutions, but we’ve taken mobility to the next level with Device-Specific Mobile forms. Users are likely to perform certain activities from a mobile device. For example, supervisors generally use their mobile phones to perform an approval. So to improve end-user experience, you can use out-of-the-box forms, perfectly rendered for a specific device family, e.g. Smartphone, Tablet or Desktop.  

Bizagi Advanced offline forms
Bizagi Forms Designer

We know that innovation is the key to being successful in the digital age, so we want to equip your organization with the innovative tools to make you a leader in your field. Keep your eyes peeled for our upcoming releases which will offer even more capabilities to help you be agile, connected and engaging.