Hack Your Team’s Potential at Bizagi Catalyst 19

“People at the top of their game regardless of profession, redefine the way in which their craft is seen. I.e. they redefine what’s possible in their chosen field.” – Dr Andy Walshe

As former Red Bull Director of High Performance and Founding Partner of Liminal Collective, Andy Walshe knows exactly how to boost people’s performance and achieve incredible feats, even when those people are seemingly at the top of their field.

Walshe will be appearing at Bizagi Catalyst as our guest speaker with his session ‘Secrets of High Performance: Unlocking Human Potential’. In this blog you’ll learn a bit about his area of expertise, and what you can expect from his keynote presentation.

The secrets of high performance

Remember the Red Bull Stratos record-breaking freefall jump in 2012? Walshe was the performance manager of the program, leading the plan for Felix Baumgartner in the run-up to his supersonic jump from the stratosphere.  

Walshe is known for taking great athletes and challenging them both physically and mentally in an unknown environment. By placing them completely out of their comfort zones, it pushes them to their limits and shows them what they’re capable of, helping to deliver high performance when it matters most.

This strategy has now been translated into Fortune 500 and technology companies to get the most out of individuals. Don’t worry, we’re not going to be pushing digital transformation leaders out of helicopters at our event. But Walshe is going to show you how to think outside the box to get the most from your team.

Hacking talent: a holistic approach to transformation   

Taking a holistic approach to problem-solving can help you to see the more creative solutions. If you want to take your organization to the next level, start embracing innovative and creative thinking. What new technologies can you introduce to make processes more efficient? Which areas of the business can you optimize? Even the ones that are running like clockwork and have been serving you well for years on your legacy systems.

“How do we hack talent that’s already at the top of the game and optimize what is already optimal?” asks Walshe. “In the age of exponential technology—what is an exponential human? Simply put, the exponential human uses data and deep insights into human behavior to rapidly accelerate performance.”

In a similar manner, businesses are now deploying the likes of AI and machine learning to derive more insights on their operations than ever before. They are then further optimizing processes through agile development methods and introducing new intelligent automation technologies to see significant improvements in efficiency and productivity.

Andy Walshe Bizagi Catalyst

Drive the change at Bizagi Catalyst

At Catalyst, you’ll hear success stories of how Bizagi’s platform is being used by organizations around the world for process centralization, standardization, automation, and optimization. Combine this knowledge with Walshe’s approach to hacking talent and driving high performance and you’ll have the foundation of your new digital transformation strategy.

In the words of Walshe, “Listen, watch and pay attention… Everything we need is right in front of us… We just need to take the time to organize the extraordinary knowledge that already exists in the world and we can teach ourselves all we need to know!”

Don’t miss Andy Walshe’s keynote presentation, ‘Secrets of High Performance: Unlocking Human Potential’ at Bizagi Catalyst 19. Register your place at the digital transformation event now!

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