Automate Processes and Unleash the Power of your Excel Spreadsheets

With over 1 billion users around the globe, Microsoft Excel is the de facto standard for calculations, analysis and reporting of financial information.  

Our new Excel connector allows organizations to quickly and easily integrate spreadsheet data into Bizagi’s digital process layer. Your process flows will have Excel data properly incorporated without having to worry about superfluous coding.

Unlock the data in your Excel sheets 

Excel sheets can be found in almost every department, of any organization, in countries all around the globe. In terms of data storage and calculations, Excel is the absolute champion. Yet, despite Excel being intrinsic to decision making, the data often remains isolated, making it hard to include in process automation projects. 

Imagine having the power of Excel to do the heavy lifting in your process automation initiatives, instead of having to code or create complex business rules. Bizagi can leverage the advanced calculations that are already there in Excel sheets and then use the Excel Connector to integrate that rich data into Bizagi Process applications.  

In the words of Seth Godin, “Data is not useful until it becomes information.” The digital expert has a point – you need to unlock the valuable data in your Excel sheets and put it to good use.  

Empower your employees 

Employees are losing time and energy passing information from one Excel sheet to another, or to other legacy systems. Your organization can free up some of their valuable time. Focus your staff on more strategic tasks and let the Excel connector do the data entry. Not only will this save time, but also improve data quality and reduce information risk by automating the re-keying tasks. 

Demonstrating quick wins like this helps make sure that everyone is on-board with automation initiatives. If milestones are achieved quickly, employees will be motivated to drive the digital transformation of the organization forward.  

The Excel connector provides a fast and efficient way to digitize Excel-based processes, which are in use throughout the whole organization. This is the low hanging fruit you need for quick wins to drive your digital transformation and empower employees throughout the business. 

 Use the Bizagi Excel Connector now!  

Bizagi now features a native Excel connector that can be configured to perform a sequence of reading and writing operations as part of a process. 

You can now upload an Excel file to Bizagi with all of the formulas already pre-configured. Simply define your inputs and outputs, then let Excel handle the calculations, read the results back to Bizagi and store them in your data model. 

Find out more about how to get the most from the Excel connector by reading our step-by-step guide of how to create a connector, configure the connector and apply it to a process.