4 Key Benefits of Bizagi’s Cloud Solution

69% of enterprises are moving their business-critical applications to the cloud. This move demonstrates that organizations recognize the benefits that the cloud has to offer. Whether that’s added security, scale or the ability to roll updates out more quickly with no downtime. 

However, not all cloud applications are equal.

To take advantage of its full potential, applications must run natively in the cloud. As an example, Bizagi now runs in the Microsoft Azure App Service rather than a virtual machine environment, providing true cloud benefits. 

Here are four key areas where this true, mature cloud deployment model provides unique benefits over a virtual machine cloud environment: 

Security & Compliance  

Moving to the cloud increases flexibility for employees and reduces IT cost. However, it also introduces new challenges and complexities when it comes to keeping your organization secure. To realize the full benefit of cloud applications, your IT team must find the right balance of supporting access while maintaining control to protect critical data, as highlighted by Microsoft. 

Bizagi leverages the security and patching model of Azure, ensuring identity and attacks are managed effectively every time, faster than would ever be the case when running a virtual machine. 

Real Scalability  

One of the main goals of any digital transformation initiative is being able to accelerate adoption. You need to ensure that your systems and applications don’t require a redesign to keep performing when workload peaks arrive. Plus, you need to be sure you can react fast and scale up and down to maintain optimal investments. 

Using the power of Microsoft Azure, Bizagi’s cloud solution enables you to scale up and down applications as and when needed. 

Always-on High Availability  

Digitally-native companies are responsible for an increase in customer expectations. Users now demand consistently reliable services 24/7, so offering high availability is essential for maintaining customer satisfaction and preventing revenue loss. This is one of the key benefits of cloud computing and should be an essential requirement from any DPA vendor.
There are two key points to consider:

Scenario 1 – The data center where your cloud service is normally provisioned goes down. In this scenario, your service should immediately failover to a secondary data center in the same region causing no downtime. This is referred to as ‘high availability’.

Scenario 2 – Loss of all data centers in your region. In this scenario where there isn’t a backup to failover to, the service will need to be restored to another region. This takes time to re-establish the service in another region as there won’t automatically be a backup ready and waiting. Cloud vendors should publish their ‘Disaster Recovery’ SLAs highlighting the time it will take to recover the service to another region. Typically this will take around 24 hours. With Microsoft Azure, you have the benefit of a multi-region strategy with all major continents covered so you can rest assured there is always another region available to recover to.

Cloud-First Innovation 

The tech environment is rapidly changing with new technologies arriving every day. Keeping pace with all those changes is easier said than done, especially if your tech stack is on-prem or not true cloud. Migration processes tend to be very difficult and some IT areas may even decide to skip upgrades in the hope of preventing issues from happening. 

Innovative features in Bizagi’s Automation Service are always released first on cloud. Features like AI, Bizagi Sites and Live Processes are available for our customers in cloud environments without any additional cost. 

Get started with the cloud-first innovation available for you on cloud now. If you’d like to find out more, please visit our cloud page.