73% of businesses expect failure to quickly achieve digital transformation will result in commercial failure. Disturbingly, new research also indicates that companies around the world are blocked from transformation by a maze of technological and organizational barriers. This digital transformation infographic shares highlights from the 2016 global executive study ‘The Agility Trap’, revealing wisdom on the challenges of transformation and strategies for success.

Read on to get tips for avoiding common pitfalls when transforming your enterprise for the digital economy:


What this infographic shows is that there are plenty of barriers blocking the path to digital transformation, but it also offers practical strategies that you can adopt in order to break out of the maze that most organizations are stuck in right now, and that all starts with looking at four success factors:

  • Understanding the drivers of change in your business
  • Identifying the risk factors that influence digital transformation
  • Overcoming cultural resistance to change
  • Increasing the agility of existing systems to drive transformation

Where does your business sit in relation to each of these points? What actions can you take today to move it forward?