Exciting Changes to Bizagi Modeler and Bizagi Engine 

Today we are announcing some important changes to Modeler Collaboration Services, Bizagi Engine, and Bizagi Cloud PaaS.  

Here are five questions and answers to help you understand what these changes mean to you: 

What’s Changing?  

Over the last few months, we have been working tirelessly to bring some changes to benefit our global community of process professionals. We will be launching these updates in the next month, but today we are officially announcing the following name changes in our product portfolio: 

  • ‘Modeler Collaboration Services’ will now be named ‘Modeler Services’.  
  • ’Studio Collaboration Services’ will now be named ‘Studio Services’. 
  • ‘Bizagi Engine’ (on-prem) and ‘Bizagi Cloud PaaS’ will unify under the new name ‘Bizagi Automation’.  


What are Modeler Services? 

Modeler Services provide cloud-based services to Modeler users to manage, publish, collaborate and govern process models, meeting all modeling needs. Modeler Services contains three plans: 

Personal, designed for individuals, Personal offers cloud-based storage, annotation and simple publishing of process models. 

Workgroup, aimed at cohorts of process designers and stakeholders, offering team collaboration through contextual discussions and transparent working of process models   

Enterprise, designed for secure enterprise process collaboration through publishing, visualization and governance  

Modeler Services is designed to extend the value within Modeler and together they provide a full and rich offering. Going forward we will further deepen the integration and extensibility between Modeler (client) and Modeler Services (cloud) giving users ultimate flexibility in how they use and consume Bizagi’s diagramming products and services, taking full advantage of online and offline modes. 


What are Studio Services? 

Studio Services will offer customers the opportunity to have projects hosted in the Bizagi cloud, enabling them to easily co-develop process application projects. Users will interact and develop applications with the Studio client pointing to the cloud environment, where other developers can interact and work on the same applications. This capability will be launching in late fall of 2018. 


Why the name changes?  

MCS has been renamed to Modeler Services to better reflect the capability on offer today and the updates we will be launching shortly. Similarly, with Studio Services, this name more accurately describes the services on offer here when we launch later this year. 

Lastly, with Bizagi Automation you can choose to have your runtime environment on-prem or running in the Bizagi (Microsoft Azure backed) cloud. To remove any confusion, we have decided to unify the runtime environment under the name Bizagi Automation. Going forward the on-prem product will be referred to as Bizagi Automation Server and the cloud offering Bizagi Automation Service.  

How can I try it out? 

If you are a Modeler user today, then the good news is you already have a Personal subscription! Personal is free to use and can be accessed right out of the box with Modeler.

Find out more about the Personal plan and details on how to sign up for a free 30-day Workgroup trial.