Service Updates to Modeler Collaboration Services

Recently we announced some updates to Modeler Collaboration Services (MCS). When MCS launched, the objective was to enable easy and effective collaboration between teams of process designers, whilst also ensuring an appropriate amount of governance to be able to track and monitor progress. This is key if you are undergoing a major process re-engineering project.

With that in mind, here at Bizagi, we continue to look for ways to improve that experience for our users. Therefore we are pleased to announce some updates to the service.


Edit published processes

Processes are dynamic and Bizagi understands this. Now published diagrams can be edited and accepted again, if the editor chooses to do so.

Extended attribute validations

In collaborative enterprise environments, when users perform operations on extended attributes like deletion, edition or table modifications, Bizagi will now validate if the changes might be harmful to work previously done, alerting the user, showing any corresponding dependencies. Watch the short video below for more detail on the process:

Enable custom documentation logo

Users with paid MCS subscriptions can now benefit from publishing their processes without the Bizagi Logo or with their own instead.

Note: If you purchased a custom logo key, your current logo will keep working but you will no longer be able to update it. You will need to purchase an MCS subscription.


We hope these updates will help drive deeper and richer collaboration within your company, better supporting how you need to work across teams!