Bizagi Xchange Just Got Even More Xciting!    

Bizagi Xchange has got a fresh new look. The incredible resource, which is loved by over 1 million members of the Bizagi community is now easier to use and slicker than ever. The searchable portal contains over 130 free Bizagi templates and integration tools that you can use to improve your business operations.  

Our process models, widgets and connectors have helped hundreds of businesses improve their day-to-day process, including personnel management – in the form of recruitment, onboarding and offboarding, and administrative assistance such as Dropbox, Docusign and Office Document Viewer.  

Take a look at the downloads available in Bizagi Xchange

Process Templates  

Get a head start on your business processes with our selection of free templates. There’s a wide range of workflows to suit your organization and all models are fully editable so you can amend the process to suit your individual needs.  

The models bring clarity to complex processes, giving you back control by ensuring that actions are followed efficiently and correctly. Bizagi’s context-aware capabilities and its unstructured process management helps you to eliminate the uncertainty of endless process paths. It also helps you to ensure rules and regulations are followed by creating rules-based requests in a formal and controlled manner.  

Some of our most popular process models include: 

    • Contract management – A simple and powerful, unstructured process aimed to control every stage of a contract, all its assessments, related parties, statuses, versions and meeting results.  
    • Recruitment – This app removes unnecessary administration by automating key tasks within the recruitment process, such as scheduling interviews, organizing follow-ups and gathering information held in tests. 
  • Opportunity management – Bizagi simplifies this highly complex and time-consuming task, enabling you to: define stages and scoring in line with your own methodology; access timely and relevant supporting information; configure tasks and follow-ups plus reminders; integrate your sales teams and easily build detailed reports to guide better decision making and sales performance.  




Quickly add functions such as graphs and maps to your process application interface with our range of widgets. Bizagi Xchange provides an array of components for you to use as building blocks to ensure that your application is as slick and effective as possible. 

Improve user interfaces with visual elements such as dynamic control with expanding and collapsing displays. There’s also a range of charts to immediately have any process visually represent information contained in your data model, including area, bar, line, pie and pyramid charts.  

Some of our most popular widgets include: 

    • Audio player – Allow end users to play audio clips containing instructions, or as part of attached documents that constitute evidence of a case 
    • Credit card validator – A validator for credit card numbers that will display its franchise, e.g. Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover etc.  
  • Google maps, nearby places – Include in your forms to display Google Maps and look up nearby points of interest for a specific address  

 BIzagi widget Google Maps


Connect your process applications to any system or application with our free connectors. Get the most from your new process applications by integrating them with existing technologies and business applications to enable a range of additional information and functionalities. 

Some of our most popular connectors include: 

    • Salesforce – Perform CRUD (Create, Retrieve, Update and Delete) operations for records in Salesforce directly from Bizagi to manage and integrate your sales processes in the cloud. CRUD settings can be used to restrict the actions that users can take on standard and customer objects.   
    • SAP HANA  – Execute a query directly into a SAP HANA Database system hosted in SAP Cloud Platform and fetch results to integrate directly into your application.   
  • Blockchain – Work with Bitcoins directly from Bizagi processes through your Blockchain account, ensuring that transactions are authentic and trustworthy. It’s a great application for supply chain management and smart contracts and reduces time, costs and constraints associated with these processes. 


If you’d like to get started with any of our Process Models, Widgets or Connectors, you can find them all on Bizagi Xchange available to download for free.