Look closely at the businesses that are not just surviving, but really thriving in the digital economy and you’ll see that they share one thing in common. They all have a handle on their operations and processes.

It’s not guesswork. They have the whole business mapped, every role, every machine, every desk, every piece of stationary exists for a reason, nothing is left to chance.

Why are traditional businesses struggling to keep up?

We work with organizations across a number of industries and we often see companies that are struggling to keep a hold of their day to day operations. This is no surprise, companies are organic, they grow and evolve. Sometimes it’s hard to keep operations under control as this happens.

“We’re trying to digitize” I hear you cry! But it’s hard right? Legacy technologies, manual processes, changing business direction, complying with regulation, evermore demanding customers. The list goes on.

So what can be done about it?

Try solving a complex mathematical equation on your own. Now imagine the same exercise with colleagues. Whilst the right answer isn’t guaranteed, unless you’re a real math whiz, you’ll certainly get there quicker by collaborating with the right people.

There in lies the answer for heroic process professionals. Try mapping the business on your own and you may never get there. However, if you can collaborate with others from around the business, I bet you will achieve something far greater and you’ll do it much quicker.

Collaborate and innovate!

We now live in an age where we expect simple effective communication and collaboration with our peers. Work and personal life are blurred, so the simple collaboration and communication we experience in our personal lives creates an equal expectation in the working environment.

This is precisely the reason we introduced The Enterprise Plan for Modeler Collaboration Services earlier this year. Forever fighting the corner of the process professional (shown by research to be vital to digital transformation), we saw an opportunity to help process professionals orchestrate projects and collaborate more effectively with stakeholders.

The impact has been breathtaking. Feedback has been extremely positive from the community, so it seems that our decision has been validated!

What did we release?

With Enterprise Plan we introduced a load of new features that provide control over your process modeling estate. Giving the process editors a simple dashboard from where they can view all processes in draft and published.

Bizagi Modeler Enterprise Plan

Share with like minded process professionals their models and allow a rich collaboration to rapidly iterate, meeting the needs of the business. But that’s not all. We recognized as well the need to track staff viewing of these process models and acknowledge their understanding so this can be stored digitally for compliance or regulation needs later on.

Bizagi Modeler Compliance

Since we introduced these new features, we’ve seen very strong interest from customers looking to achieve a greater degree of control and governance over their business. If you would like to know more, why not watch a short video explaining the features of Modeler Collaboration Services Enterprise Plan.