Empower Business Users with Live Processes in Bizagi 11.1

When organizations come to us talk about Bizagi’s iBPMS, the most common driving force is the need to accelerate digital transformation. Our latest global research revealed that one of the biggest pain points in digital transformation is the lack of effective collaboration between line of business teams (with urgent change requirements) and IT teams (struggling to innovate at the speed of the market and keep up with ever increasing demands).

“We agree that our world is changing rapidly. The future is not like the past. The way we do business today will not be the way we do it in the future.”

– Idris Mootee, CEO Idea Couture

This is exactly why Gartner’s last iBPMS Magic Quadrant made a real feature of citizen-driven rapid process application development in the following areas:

  • High-Productivity Application Authoring: Enables citizen and IT developers to quickly and easily build a process-centric application. Applications built on the platform use a metadata model to manage the complete life cycle of business processes and manipulate data related to the process.
  • Citizen Developer Application Composition: This uses the process orchestration capabilities of an iBPMS with less dependence on operational intelligence and advanced analytics. This is a new use case added to this year’s evaluation. This use case focuses on the ability of the citizen developer (business users and business analysts) to build process-centric applications with minimal involvement from IT development staff.

Now IT-controlled citizen development has always been a strength of the Bizagi iBPMS. But when I heard about a new feature in Bizagi 11.1 called ‘Live Process’ I realized that this functionality takes it to another level – allowing business users to create simple processes and forms more easily than ever before – all from within the browser interface.

So to help our beloved user community get to know this powerful new feature, I interviewed Daniel Diaz, one of our platform gurus from the Product team.

[Interview with Product Marketing Manager – Daniel Diaz]

JW: What are Live Processes in Bizagi’s iBPMS platform?

DD: The Bizagi Digital Business Platform offers you the possibility to create and manage non-complex processes directly in the run-time environment and through the end user’s browser-based Work Portal.

With Live Processes, process owners can build and launch simple process applications created with no coding effort and with the same features for user interfaces (forms), durations, allocations, timeline, and all others available in Bizagi Studio (Free Download).

This feature is useful for non-complex, day-to-day manual processes when formal process architecture oversight is not required. The tool is oriented to non-technical users from across the business, allowing them to have an easy and ready-to-use executable Bizagi process in a matter of minutes.

JW: Why did we add Live Processes to Bizagi’s iBPMS solution?

DD: Within enterprises today there are hundreds of low level manual processes that could and should be streamlined.

Most of the time these processes are viewed as being “too small” to justify being addressed by the IT or operational excellence teams but will deliver significant benefits to the business if automated, providing efficiency, control, governance and agility.

Without automation, these processes would remain paper-based, on email or in excel – causing costs and risks to rise and operational agility to fall.

Thus, Live Processes offers an extremely intuitive yet powerful approach to automating these processes in the run-time environment, requiring no input from IT, no deployment and no prior development experience.

JW: So what are the Benefits of using Live Processes in Bizagi iBPMS?

DD: There are a lot of possibilities but the customers and partners I’ve spoken to are most excited about:

  • Achieving fast results – You can quickly and effectively create and publish to production non-complex processes, no deployment required.
  • Code-free forms – User forms are built with a drag and drop interface to include attributes/controls into your forms – it’s so simple.
  • Easy updates and changes – You can easily perform changes over your process and publish them quickly.

That’s just a quick overview of what Live Processes are all about. To see how it works in practice just watch this quick 5-minute demo.