First Look at The New Enterprise Plan for Modeler Collaboration Services

At the beginning of April, we launched the Enterprise Plan within our Modeler Collaboration Services offering. This cloud based service is available as a subscription and marks the latest capability under our ‘cloud first’ strategy. In this blog post we will look at the new capabilities and the key usage scenarios.

First things first, what did we announce? Modeler has for a long time been a firm favourite for allowing users to design their processes before moving to Studio to build and then Engine to deploy into a production environment. Now with the Enterprise Plan we can optimize and publish operational processes to increase efficiency and governance across your organization.

In simple terms, our Modeler Collaboration Services transforms our popular process modelling software into a global portal for process governance and compliance.

Let’s look at the new Enterprise Plan features:

  • Process Portal – See an activity stream of your processes, versioning and real-time notifications as well as processes published by the organization right from within the Bizagi Modeler website.
  • Process Compliance – Users can model and visualize the entire process landscape using Value Chain diagrams optimizing review and process iteration enabling better governance and compliance.
  • Dedicated Cloud Services – Providing a dedicated instance of Collaboration Services with company URL, single sign-on and ring fenced storage and data.

Coupled with increased flexibility in payment terms (annual subscription), we can now support organization wide usage scenarios.

Global Portal for Process Governance & Compliance.

The Enterprise Plan supports a wide range of usage scenarios, including the ability to support a requirement for employees to read and acknowledge comprehension of established operational processes – which is more important than ever in the face of increasing regulations across many industries.

If you would like to learn more, please contact us or head over to the Modeler Collaboration Services page.