If anyone tells you that “going digital” is going to be easy, then they’re lying.

It’s obvious that for any established business, particularly large enterprises, reinventing your operations for the digital age is a massive mountain to climb. And the digital path is not an optional adventure. You simply cannot stay where you are.

70% agree that failure to respond will result in commercial failure, according to Bizagi’s research. So if you are charged with the herculean task of delivering digital transformation, then you need to be prepared. You need to be armed with insights and experiences from organizations at every stage of the digital transformation journey.

If you just want to know the 5 key challenges you will face, and strategies for getting around them, then get your free copy of our new e-book ‘Top 5 Challenges of Digital Transformation‘.

Combining our research with our experiences of driving digital innovation in enterprises around the world, we’ve put together a collection of practical advice for your digital transformation journey.

In the e-book we talk about:

1.       Defining a clear vision

Everyone is talking about transformation, but there’s a desperate need for more clarity. What is the primary goal of your transformation?

2.       Working better together 

Cultural change is often the biggest barrier to transformation. How can you facilitate better IT-business collaboration?

3.       Enabling business agility

Digital transformation is a never ending journey, not a destination. What steps can you take to prepare for continuous change?

4.       Insufficient time and money

Transforming the business can feel impossible when so much time and money is focused on keeping the lights on. How can you get started using the time and budget you can spare?

5.       Finding flexible technology

The technology you have represents a huge investment, and it’s powerful but notoriously difficult to change.nHow can you create agility in powerful but rigid legacy technologies?


Our research suggests that these five areas are the essential pillars of digital transformation strategy.

Organizations must address every one in order to avoid falling behind in a digital world defined by exponential customer expectations and new digital businesses.

Download your copy of  ‘Top 5 Challenges of Digital Transformation – and how to tackle them‘. 

top 5 challenges of digital transformation