Why We’re Launching The Digital Business Platform

This is the story behind Bizagi 11, and why it changes everything…

A platform for business in the digital economy

You’ve seen it yourself, disruptive digital businesses have infiltrated almost every industry, and the most successful enterprises in the world right now are those that actively overtake competitors through innovation.

So for business leaders the call to action is simple – Be disruptive, or be disrupted. There’s no longer any room at the top for those that resist change. But too many incumbent businesses continue to underestimate the true velocity of that change.


Enterprises held back by their own success

The inconvenient truth is that many enterprises aren’t moving fast enough – putting their most valuable asset, their customer base, at risk. Why? Because transformation is hard. As successful businesses grow, they also become a lot less flexible as they look to optimize processes suited to their established operating model. As they mature they also develop cultural resistance to new, radical ideas.

Our own research, soon to be released, shows that only a third of businesses have high levels of operational agility.


Speaking to companies on every continent about this challenge motivated us to develop Bizagi 11 – The Digital Business Platform. Bizagi’s goal is to help businesses ignite digital transformation, through a platform specifically designed to help organizations make true enterprise-wide transformation a reality.

The challenge is that many enterprises have the intention to change, but applying transformation to the business is complicated. Due to digital disruption, they face challenges that have no precedent. Companies often falter while trying to move at a pace that is dictated by external factors and limited by incumbent capabilities.


Why Bizagi 11 changes everything

Bizagi has directed decades of automation and process experience towards digital change. Bizagi 11 – The Digital Business Platform – is the result of this endeavor. It responds to the most important challenges that businesses face in delivering on transformation goals.

We designed its core capabilities based on three pillars that support successful transformation:

  • Agility to remove the collaborative barriers to change:

The platform delivers collaborative innovation and experimentation between business and IT teams, boosting operational productivity and speed, while still maintaining IT control.

  • Engagement to create better user experiences:

By intelligent use of data-driven processes, Bizagi’s platform empowers knowledge workers with personalized, contextualized experiences to engage better with each other and their ultimate customer.

  • Connections to bind the digital environment:

Bizagi 11 offers native integration Connectors to help incumbents immediately wrap any legacy IT system landscape with a super-fast agile process layer, and connects those processes with knowledge workers across the extended enterprise through any channel.

We also harness the energy of the Bizagi community to further accelerate change through the sharing of process models, widgets and connectors. Our global community of process pioneers is a network of committed IT and business professionals driving digital transformation for their organizations.


Creating the power to transform

Digital transformation is not made real by technology alone, but applying the right technology boosts an organization’s ability to change, and to pass on the benefit to its customers. Bizagi is built to wrap around legacy systems and create an agile digital layer, connecting to deliver a whole new level of business agility – building on investments of the past.

What makes this the right approach? Let’s look at the alternatives. Firstly, organizations can choose to do nothing – but this means certain death. A second option is to create a separate organization, but this won’t leverage an organization’s greatest asset – its customer base, and their data. The final alternative is to upgrade everything, to re-build from the ground up. But can businesses afford to wait 10 years? To move fast and create agility requires smart solutions capable of delivering tangible change now.

That is what Bizagi 11 is built to deliver. You can try it for free, so I encourage you to further your understanding of our platform and the problems it solves. Simply download it for yourself, and take a moment to watch this quick summary of what makes us who we are:

Bizagi is privileged to have the experience of our customers’ own transformation journeys to apply to new and challenging situations. Simply contact us to discuss yours.

Gustavo Gomez, CEO