The Market Speaks: What are the Main Drivers for a Successful DPA Initiative?

Thank you to the 250+ participants who attended our March 11th webinar: ‘BPMS as a Platform for Customer Obsession: The Alpha Card Story’. Thank you also to our great speakers Darren Hart, Alpha Card CIO, and Clay Richardson, Forrester Research Principal Analyst, for a highly informative presentation.

As part of our ‘Strategies for Success’ series, the webinar highlighted the importance of having your business processes built to support a customer-centric strategy. The session explored how Digital Process Automation (DPA) solutions can help organizations to adapt to today’s digital economy and the expectations of connected consumers.

Our webinar focussed on the story of how Alpha Card implemented a customer-obsessed DPA program, which allowed them to improve customer service and drive profitable growth. During the session we asked participants 3 questions to identify the key challenges they currently face as they plan or develop their own DPA initiatives.

Take a look at the results:

Question 1: What is the primary driver for increasing your customer focus?

Alpha Card webinar - question 1 results

Question 2: How rapidly do your IT teams roll out new process changes?

Alpha Card webinar - question 2 results

Question 3: To what degree do you think your organization considers the customer’s view when designing operational processes?

Alpha Card webinar - question 3 results

It is pretty clear that customer satisfaction is (and should continue to be) the main driver for organizations implementing a truly customer-centric DPA initiative. However, from an operational perspective, there seems to be a gap between the business requirements and the speed at which IT can satisfy them. Why could this be? Rigid platforms, no collaboration between Business & IT, poor process definition and design, other considerations taking precedence over the customer’s view? All of above?

Whichever the reason is, we share Darren Hart’s view: “We see a shift from operational focus to customer focus – but teams struggle to define this”.

Find out what the experts had to say about these results, along with more experiences and recommendations: Listen the webinar recording today.