Lessons from Gartner’s Business Transformation and Process Management Summit 2016

What can we learn from this year’s key process excellence event?

It has been a few weeks since Gartner closed the doors at their annual process excellence summit, and there was one important topic at the heart of every conversation – Digital Transformation.

It’s the buzz word right now for analysts, CEOs, process change managers and more. And as with any Buzz word, it’s easy for the real, customer meaning of the term to be lost as the words are more widely adopted. We asked Bizagi’s CEO, Gustavo Gomez for his definition:

‘Digital Transformation is all about enabling incumbent companies to compete in the digital economies. This approach means leveraging and connecting existing customer systems, enabling agility and modern technologies whilst providing contextualised and personalised user experiences. The essence of digital transformation lays in true collaboration between Business and IT and empowering employees to deal with unforeseen situations while respecting business policy’

We are seeing a rise of modern day enterprises capitalizing on contextualized user experiences (including well-cited examples like Uber and Airbnb), those that take complex user experiences and fundamentally make them easier for the customer. This tactic often ensures domination and disruption in the market.

So here’s the question: Do you need to rip and replace your business structure to achieve the same?

Digital transformation doesn’t mean redefining what your business is, but how you do your business. Jan Marek, BPM Manager at Generali cited ‘Clients desire a seamless journey using multiple touch-points’. In order to succeed Generali had to be agile, to be nimble enough to experiment, prototype and make tangible changes.  They needed to understand behavioral changes and adapt accordingly by innovating and embarking on a multi-channel approach.

Download the complimentary slides from his presentation ‘Enabling Rapid Business Transformation for Increased Customer-Centricity’ here now.

Generali Gartner BTPM Summit Presentation


Jack Welch, former CEO of GE exemplified the need for agility by stating ‘If the rate of change on the outside exceeds the rate of change on the inside, the end is near’. A damning statement that is close to the hearts of many CEOs today. Consumer behavior changes daily and at this pace, businesses must also adapt daily.

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Bizagi team.