We talked with Andrea Dominguez, Bizagi’s Whole Product Manager, to get her thoughts on the latest release of Bizagi Suite v10.7 and its benefits for the Bizagi community.

Andrea Dominguez

You managed the release of Bizagi v10.7. How’s it shaping up?

Really well! As usual, the release is 99% driven by the wish list of our user community. This time, you’ll find over 20 enhancements including new controls, lots of improvements associated to tables, like moving the action buttons around, using exclusive checkboxes and the ability to expand and collapse and more management options for Actions and Validations. To the new user, these look pretty minor, but to our community, they’re very important.

How do these needs make it from the community into the product?

We have regular meetings to review all the enhancements suggested by users and decide how to prioritize them. This of course has to be balanced by the new features that we want to bring to market with every new product version.

Which new feature should we get most excited about?

We believe the enhanced Email Integration functionality will definitely appeal to the business community. In previous versions of Bizagi Studio, users would have to log in to Bizagi Portal in order to work on their processes. Now, end users can simply click on emails delivered straight to their Outlook (or any other email client) and continue their work direct from their Inbox. This is definitely something that appeals to the daily business user who needs to validate high volumes of say, expenses, travel or vacation requests alongside all their other work.

What about your business and process analysts? What’s in it for them?

A new feature called Auto Testing has been added which takes all the manual effort out of testing process flows. Now, you can take existing or create new test scenarios and run them automatically, and spot instantly where validations need to be made. We’ve also completely updated the Mobile App interface, making Bizagi Studio even easier to use.

Who is your target user for Bizagi Studio?

Anyone who recognizes the power of digitizing processes! In fact, we’re on a mission to encourage more of our loyal Bizagi Modeler users to try Bizagi Studio for themselves and go beyond process modeling. Many people stop at process mapping without realizing they could turn their process diagrams into running applications – and start getting real benefits from Bizagi. Not all processes make good automation targets, sure. But many do – and that’s where Bizagi Studio can help.

What would you say to someone interested in automation?

First, take a read of our user guide to understand the benefits of automation. Then, take a look at our free and on-demand online courses. Understand what automation is, and how Bizagi does it. Then, download the latest version of Bizagi Studio and make a start on your first digitization project. And if you’re successful, make sure to tell me about it!

Thanks Andrea. Any more announcements in the pipeline?

All I can promise is that the next few months will be a very exciting time for Bizagi and our community. As you know we also recently launched the Bizagi Cloud Collaboration Services. So watch this space to learn more about future product announcements.

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