Low code, easy to use and intuitive: Bizagi broke the BPM mould 7 years back when it offered its Bizagi Modeler to the world. Now with over 500,000 users globally it’s looking to disrupt the market once again.

But how does SaaS fit with the company vision? Bizagi CEO and co-founder Gustavo Gomez, explains.

“When Tim Berners-Lee invented the internet, he wanted to enable collaboration. Not in a dry, technical sense, but to make it freely accessible to everyone. And that’s the spirit of Bizagi.”

This week, we make Bizagi Modeler accessible in the cloud. For the first time, our community – the largest BPM collective in the world – will be able to access, store, and collaborate on their processes from the freedom of the cloud.

Bizagi Cloud Collaboration

Bizagi Modeler 3.0 will enable teams to collaborate on projects using tools they know and love.

This release is not ‘Bizagi Modeler – Cloud Version’ or ‘Bizagi Cloud+’. To change the integrity of our Modeler is not the Bizagi Way.

Modeler was free for many years, and remains so. You only pay for Bizagi Cloud Collaboration Services. So how does it work? It’s very simple.



To start with: all Bizagi users can start saving in the cloud, just by downloading Bizagi Modeler.

Gain access to your process diagrams anywhere, anytime, on any device. It’s like Dropbox: It just works! Except that you don’t need Dropbox anymore…

So what of the paid-for services? We are very excited about these. Again, the premise is simplicity. People join the cloud when you invite them. You just need their email address.


What people can do in the cloud depends on their profile. Editors have full control over stored processes. They can refine diagrams, modify parts or entire process flows.

Contributors do as the name suggests: they can make comments on process diagrams. Using chat-style boxes, teams from all over the world can add their feedback, start or contribute to real-time discussion threads.

The result: You bring people together; they interact. Issues get resolved faster, creativity has a place to flow. Processes are conceived and brought to production faster and more effectively. And you can do this flexibly, from any device – tablet, smartphone, whatever; you just need a browser.


Bizagi BPMS Cloud - Work Offline

No internet? No sweat! Using Bizagi Cloud Collaboration Services, users can now work productively offline.

The offline capability is one of the strongest features of the new Services. Users can take processes to their desktops, make changes and sync the file once they’re back online.

The offline capability is very useful for BPM consultants who, frustrated by weak or no internet connection, can now stay on top of their work even when moving between client sites.


Whether you’re the owner of process diagrams or a dispersed team working hard on business transformation programmes: Bizagi can make you more productive.

Expect more exciting news and developments in this space during the next 12 months, stay tuned! For more information, including a short video, check out our introduction to Bizagi Cloud Collaboration Services.