According to the latest Gartner predictions, by 2017, 75% of organizations will have created a “bimodal” structure. But what does this mean?

For those who haven’t stumbled across it: ‘Bimodal’ refers to the two ‘tracks’ of IT that, according to analysts, businesses will need to manage successfully to ride the next wave of digital business.

Two modes, different pace

‘Mode 1’ is what we would refer to as legacy systems. Our back-end infrastructure. Our core data, systems of record. They are, through heavy investment, robust, reliable. And they need to be – there’s no room for downtime here.

And then there’s the other track.

‘Mode 2’ IT, summarized very nicely by Gartner’s Peter Sondergaard, “fills the divide between what IT provides today, and what the enterprise really needs right now from technology.”

What falls into Mode 2 is less clear, although characteristics such as short development cycles; beta releases; agile delivery – all these clearly differentiate this new breed tech from its Mode 1 counterparts.

So there we have it: Bimodal enables us to modernize our legacy systems while generating agility from leading-edge IT.

Two tracks, different interpretations

Two technologies, just running at different speeds. Yes?
Well.. this is where Bizagi departs from the Gartner definition. At Bizagi, we do not believe there is a need to modernize legacy systems for legacy’s sake. Legacy systems are by their nature, rigid, inflexible, and brittle. Trying to modernize say, a banking system to bring it into the cloud, will suck even more investment than you have already made over the years.

So what is the answer?

Our solution is to ‘wrap’ Mode 1 systems with a super-modern, (cloud, social, mobile) process layer. As most legacy systems are transactional systems of record, putting this layer on top not only modernizes, but provides all the benefits of business process management.

With this layer on top, you get the best of both worlds: reliability, quality and agility. This Bizagi case study with adidas shows the benefits of this approach. In their case, the legacy system was SAP.

So, when it comes to bimodal, think business agility. It’s all in the name. Bizagi!
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