Top Updates from Gartner BPM Summit, National Harbour, Maryland

We had an excellent time at the Gartner BPM Summit in Maryland. Here are some key facts we learnt at the event.

Did you know…

  • Many organizations are beginning or in the midst of digital business transformation initiatives. Gartner predicts that only about 30% of these efforts will be successful.
  • By 2017, 70% of successful digital business models will rely on deliberately unstable processes designed to shift as customer needs shift
  • By 2018, 50% of enterprises will tackle novelty, challenge the status quo and step up to overcome the challenges of big change.

This inevitably means, the need to find robust and reliable solutions is paramount as unpredictability intensifies. Janelle Rivers clearly stated BPM must evolve, the sentiment of which is true, however there are ways you can achieve success already.

As you’ll know if you attended our customer workshop with Neil Simpson, Innovelocity ‘Six Sigma, BPM, Digitisation, different paths to the same destination’ – BPM offers organizations a proven methodology where only powerful and flexible BPMS platforms can deliver continuous process improvement as part of Business Transformation initiatives.

If you missed the session, don’t worry, you can download your complimentary presentation by clicking here:


We would like to thank everyone that met with Bizagi last week, those who were enthralled by our dedicated #BizagiLive Learning Lab. Check in with us again at the next event!