What’s involved in Business Process Transformation, the Bizagi Way?
We got in touch with Consultant Richard Davies, working for BAE Systems, to find out.

Richard Davies, BPM Consultant, Bizagi
Richard Davies, BPM Consultant, Bizagi

Last year, Bizagi began a partnership with BAE Systems, Military Air & Information (MAI) to deliver a complete overhaul of its ERP system.

The high-profile Business Transformation project is one of the largest and most complex customer projects that Bizagi has ever implemented.

Who is BAE MAI?

As the air sector arm of BAE Systems, it designs and builds fixed wing military and training aircraft, as well as providing training and support.

Endorsed by the Royal Air Force and UK Government, BAE MAI traces its roots back to the earliest days of aviation and today, is making key changes to ensure that it remains at the forefront of the industry.

Time to change

One such example of MAI moving with the times is its BPM initiative. Over the years, extensive customization to the corporate infrastructure had impacted the company’s ability to adapt to change.

Enhancements and upgrades were difficult, time-consuming and expensive, compromising efficiency and the overall end user experience.

The solution came in the form of BPM: but not as many of us know it.

Enhancing the user experience

Instead of cutting together a path through existing systems and linking them together, Bizagi BPM Suite is used as a flexible process wrapper that enables the business to make significant process enhancements without affecting the structure of the ERP.

By allowing third party systems to ‘call’ on the BPMS, business users are able to interact with the process in an intuitive manner before the data is then passed back into the ERP.

For example: invoice approvals. These are generated in the ERP and published in Bizagi; routed to the correct level of approval before being approved and passed back.

The result is a seamless data exchange between the systems, delivering a much improved user experience. Discover how Bizagi integrates with third party systems such as SAP, SharePoint and ECM >>

Organization-wide BPM

This is just one example of a process enhancement: there are at least 50 in the pipeline, touching business users across the organization, including finance, procurement and project management. This truly is business process enhancement on a grand scale.

100-strong project team
A large implementation needs a large staff. The project consists of a 100 people, including 6 Bizagi staff who spend most of their working week at Warton Aerodrome, MAI’s base near Preston.

One of these members is Bizagi Consultant, Richard Davies. Employed by Bizagi for just over a year, this was his first major project for the company.

“For a business transformation project to succeed, you need true business/IT collaboration. The Bizagi toolset is, without doubt, the best in the business. The fact that the MAI project team were able to produce their business models without help from us is testament to its ease of use.”

“I am lucky of course to have a great team. All at Bizagi and MAI have been a joy to work with. Everyone’s gelled: we all play to each other’s strengths.”

Bizagi Consultants Recognized in Above and Beyond Scheme 


The Bizagi team were rewarded for his efforts when this year, Richard and Bizagi consultant Juan Crossley were acknowledged in BAE Systems’ Above and Beyond scheme for exceptional achievement in project delivery.

“This was a very proud moment for me,” Richard concludes. “I look forward to achieving great results with the rest of the project team as we continue the business transformation.”

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