Which Bizagi products are free? Bizagi Studio and Modeler of course! That’s the question we asked the Community in April this year. The clue – some Easter eggs – lay hidden on our Licensing page. All you had to do was find them!

One determined winner who gave it a crack was Frederic Bouvart of world-leading steel and mining company, ArcelorMittal. Felicitations Frederic! You win #huntyourbpm … and an iPad!

Frederic Bouval wins #huntyourbpm

Could it be? Yes, it is! Frederic Bouvart unwraps his mystery Easter iPad surprise…

Here, SAP expert Frederic explains how he discovered Bizagi and BPM.

Three years ago, when I was working as a project manager on a complex SAP project, I noticed that our project wasn’t progressing as hoped. Why? Because our key users and SAP team didn’t understand each other: we lacked the global view of the processes my key users wanted, and we didn’t understand how to articulate and relate the different pieces of the project to each other.

So, I searched the web to find a software tool which helps to represent processes. First, I discovered that there is a language to do that: BPMN. Now, I was intrigued: I needed software that was compliant with it.

I browsed through a lot of web sites, downloaded many products and tested them out. Not one was, and is, as efficient & easy to use as Bizagi Modeler.

I began to use it in my SAP project with great success.

After this first experience, I convinced all the SAP team of the importance of having a good view of processes and documentation.

My next project was to upgrade a 10-year old SAP system. For that, documentation of processes used in SAP was absolutely necessary to create the testing plan.

To this end, I created BPMN and Bizagi Modeler training (in French),  trained my SAP Team and SAP key users, put Bizagi Modeler in their hands, and, finally received documentation on each process. My upgrade project was a success.

Today, all requirements relating to SAP must have a Bizagi diagram to clearly explain what the users want.

 The Community is Bizagi’s hidden asset.

Another thing about my Bizagi infatuation is the community. You can post an idea to improve it and you see, in the next version, that the idea is realized. Bizagi listens to its users.

 Bizagi makes automation very easy.

Using the free online tutorial, I was able to transform a process model into a running application using Bizagi Studio.

Bizagi Studio is very easy to use and I created my first running process in less than 3 hours. It’s very effective.

 My plans for BPM… bottom up or top down?

My next step is to launch a BPM initiative in my plant. There’s two ways to spark it off: Bottom-up or Top-down. Working in the IT department, I know it is hard to invest in hardware to install the BPM suite. Because CEO involvement is necessary, I chose the top-down approach. But this way requires some preparation… it is my next challenge…

To try Bizagi is to adopt it! Stay connected to Bizagi, and maybe you will be its next competition winner…

Congratulations once again Frederic and remember… as well as offering free Modeler and Studio, Bizagi also integrates perfectly with SAP! Something to consider for your next project….?