Next 19-21 May sees the 15th Annual European Shared Services & Outsourcing Week from the Shared Services & Outsourcing Network (SSON). Among the high-profile speaker line-up is Aliseda’s COO, Raimo Kesti. We caught up with him ahead of his workshop to hear his plans.

Raimo Kesti, COO, Aliseda
Raimo Kesti, COO, Aliseda

You’re the COO at Aliseda. Can you tell us who Aliseda are and what they do?

Aliseda is the real estate services provider for the Spanish corporate, Grupo Banco Popular. While the bank’s activities are geared around providing loans to homeowners and investments, Aliseda was created specifically to manage the highly complex judicial processes around the buying and selling of repossessions.

 As COO, what do you manage specifically?

I have overall responsibility for Operations & Technology and hence for optimizing operational processes, which encompasses resource management, office admin and IT systems. Day to day, I work closely with the executive and operational teams to ensure we deliver the maximum return for stakeholders. Our industry sector is undergoing rapid change now in Spain, which presents great challenges to my area.

 You’ve been described as a veteran of the BPO and SSO business…

It’s true that I have plenty of experience in this area. In the past, I was responsible for creating the Polish branch of Geoban, a financial services BPO provider for Santander. Today, they have operations in two cities and over 700 staff. I also spent over a decade at Procter & Gamble, where I worked on many global SAP projects, data center management and SSC establishments world-wide.

 How have you used this experience to make Aliseda a success?

Experience is clearly important, but COOs today also need to be open to new technologies coming to market. The Aliseda role gave me an ideal opportunity to utilize Business Process Management (BPM) software as the underlying platform for BPO/SSO, something that was a great success and that I’m very passionate about.

 What will you be talking about at SS&O? Why should people attend your workshop?

On the day, I’ll be explaining how BPM can unlock business value through better attention to processes. Aliseda for example is a very interesting case as we needed to implement process management very quickly – in just 6 weeks. Using BPM, we were able to deliver great ROI, which I’m sure will be of interest to attendees. Read the Banco Popular case study >>

 What kind of results were you able to achieve through BPM?

Well, firstly we were able to reduce the time to market of multi-billion real estate development portfolio by two months. We did this by streamlining a complex technical assessment process – using an easy-to-use modeling and automation platform, the payback for which took just 7 months.

What other ‘burning issues’ was BPM able to solve?

Compliance is a key one. Using BPM, we were able to bring together bank branches, bank systems and our experts in the back office to streamline a dispute process. All this was achieved quickly and cost effectively through BPM. We were also able to deliver real-time, detailed reporting on our product sales right across our bank’s 1,500 branch network using the Bizagi Business Activity Monitoring (BAM) dashboard.

 What are you most looking forward to about the event?

It will be great to meet like-minded practitioners and to share our story.

 Finally, tell us a little more about you…

I’m a founding member of Association of Business Services leaders of Poland ( Born in Finland, I’ve spent the last 24 years in different countries in Europe, Asia and the Americas.