PEX Old Mutual - Bizagi webinar

At Bizagi, we’re gearing up for what promises to be one of our best customer-led webinars to date. On 12 May 11:00 EST, Old Mutual South Africa will be explaining how they utilized BPMS to drive its Customer and Intermediary transformation program – ‘CIT’ for short.

This event will explain how a company of such significant size and heritage goes about transitioning from a product-focused to customer-centric organization.

Established in 1845 in South Africa, Old Mutual is now a FTSE100 listed company and has more than 16 million customers and £293.8bn assets under management.

CIT was driven by significant challenges, many of which will be familiar to corporates worldwide.

A fragmented customer portfolio. Multiple entry points, limited POCR, duplicate processes… the list goes on. All of which exposed staff and customers to unwanted complexities.
So, how do you create a seamless and 360 holistic view of products and services?

What are the challenges of creating a clean, uncluttered and single process driven interface?
How do you make the case for change, ensure acceptance of new tech – and set the bar for success?
For this is not just a study of process improvement… this is one of business transformation. All processes had to be started from scratch – by putting the customer first. The results speak for themselves:

  • Net Promoter customer satisfaction improved by over 15%.
  • Customer waiting times in branches reduced 9 times.
  • Customer service rep on-boarding time slashed from months to 3 days.

The webinar will cover:

  • Why BPM? Case for choosing BPMS over other technologies
  • OMSA’s strategic themes and goals – from driving growth through lifetime   relationships with customers to better collaboration and governance
  • Transformation objectives – how OMSA utilized traditional and digital channels to make it easier for customers to buy
  • The future blueprint – what did OMSA’s ‘integrated service layer’ look like?
  • Metrics – how do you define the KPIs that are proof of project success?
  • Project Dos and Don’ts –  What did OMSA wish they’d learned from the start?

This webinar is hosted by PEX. To be part of this exciting event, make sure to book your place here
Can’t make it? Check out the Old Mutual Case Study