Hello Bizagi Community,

Easter is nearly upon on us and what better way to kickstart the holiday than with a fun competition?

All you have to do is answer a simple question: Which Bizagi products do you get for free?

The answer can be found on a page in our website, bizagi.com. You’ll know you’ve got it right when you find the eggs – which look like this:

easter eggs

All correct entries will be entered into a draw to win our mystery Easter prize.

How do I enter?
Once you find the eggs in Bizagi.com and know the answer to the question, send a message to jaz.khangura@bizagi.com specifying:

1. What Bizagi products do you get for free?
2. Which page (url) did you find the eggs?

Both questions need to be answered correctly in order to enter the prize draw.
You have until Tuesday 7th April to get your answers in.

And in the meantime, help us spread the fun by following us on twitter and encouraging your friends to take part using the hashtag #huntyourbpm 

What are you waiting for… happy Egg hunting!