To take the leap of faith or not….that’s the question.

As customers demand more, you deserve to know that your project will be delivered to your deadline and deliver the business results that supported your investment in the first place.

And either the software provider offers the delivery capability in an easy and intuitive way – or it simply doesn’t. This is no time for marketing wizardry or analyst “opinions”.

So what should the BPM purchaser do next?

Take a look at the facts. Review the assessments undertaken by independent research associations such as the Fraunhofer Institute; an organization that exists to promote and conduct research in such a way that furthers technical innovation to benefit both private and public enterprise.

Consider what kind of software vendor has the confidence to expose its strengths – and weaknesses – to the scrutiny of the research community and its competitors.

Bizagi has been named a leading vendor in Fraunhofer’s review of BPM suites for the second year in row.

Fraunhofer’s comparison of BPM Suites is available now. Download the full report.