As Bizagi CMO, our community-driven software launches are always an event, but the launch of the Bizagi Process Xchange is a definite Red Letter Day.

Let me explain.

What Bizagi Process Xchange does is provide business users the opportunity to download complete, fully curated integrated, and beautifully documented white-labeled applications – 100% free.

We already gave over 3m users the opportunity to model and automate their processes without parting with their cash – as well as a host of reusable Widgets. Surely that was enough?

We don’t think so. In fact, quite the opposite. While our core focus is ensuring that our robust BPM platform powers the most challenging BPM projects worldwide (most delivered jointly with Bizagi customers) we also recognize that many of you are new to BPM and need a little help.

Few of us have the time – or inclination – to start from scratch. That’s why we offer these ready-made process models and applications for free – to give you a head start!

We truly believe that our platform can stand the test of time when building the most diverse robust workflow applications, ranging from automating vertical niches to role-based activities or mundane tasks.

And by giving you a comprehensive library of reusable components, in addition to the Bizagi BPM platform, we feel we can fast-track your BPM journey and help you deliver bottom-line value fast.

Take a look at the Bizagi Process Xchange and its sister store, the Bizagi Widget Xchange and you’ll see all the hallmarks of a highly successful app marketplace are there: intuitive, free, and built for reuse.

So: in Process Xchange we have processes models and applications to: streamline employee on- and off-boarding; facilitate SOX compliance; smooth out the purchasing process; to name but a few.

In Bizagi Widget Xchange, you’ll find barcodes, a webcam and Google maps among others. Together, they can be clicked together like Lego blocks, providing all you need to get a head start in process modeling & automation.

The Bizagi Community – that’s our vocal network of third party developers, partners and consultants – all play a role as we help embed Bizagi workflows into their solutions creating the whole new breed of agile applications that can adapt fast to changing market conditions.

Clarity = Collaboration

From the technology perspective, we don’t cut corners either. Our unique architecture – the Bizagi BPM stack is designed from the ground up for reuse and enables total clarity over the roles held between business and IT – avoiding ‘Spaghetti BPM’.

This means that business people take the driving seat for process design and management; IT has full control over data, configuration and systems integration.

Each time you download something from the Bizagi marketplace – whether it be a process, model, UI or widget – each element is reusable across different projects and processes.

In practice, this means you can download our Purchase Request process app, deploy it across Marketing, reuse the business rules and user forms for Sales and simply tweak the approval process.

That’s how we can help you deploy BPM fast across your whole organization and engage all stakeholders in embracing the value of BPM technologies.

Money where our mouth is

Unlike other vendors, we recognize that we need to invest heavily to demonstrate that BPM can deliver. That’s why we are here to provide all the support you need….
And that’s where you come in. We want you to take our Community efforts and make them even better.

Bizagi needs YOU…

Take a look at Bizagi Process Xchange. Download a process map. See what’s hot in the Community right now and rate it. And if you’re inspired, do as others did, create your own and share with others.

Help spread the word and together we’ll deliver the building blocks for the most powerful BPM systems that our Community will use again and again.

See you there! Visit Bizagi Process Xchange and download process applications today