Here at Bizagi, we’re rapidly progressing through a packed webinar season, which so far has featured top guest speakers from key customers and top analysts including Forrester Research Inc., Adidas Group and PEX Networks, to name just a few.

And as our webinars get ever more popular,  we thought this a great time to gather your feedback. Here’s our Top 10 Tips to ensure you get the very most from your online session. Enjoy!

1. Check the start time.

All recordings take place in GMT. Not sure how it fits your schedule? Once registered, you’ll be able to select your time zone to see what time the webinar takes place for you.

2. Make sure you can log in.

It might sound obvious, but to take part, you first need to download top-notch online webinar software, GoToMeeting. Avoid any last-minute panic by reading the system requirements first (and make sure to let your IT department know well in advance if you need their permission to do so).

3. Get equipped.

Speakers set up? Headphones ready? Check out GoToMeeting’s Audio Checklist for tips on getting the best possible sound.

4. Dial us up.

Always on the go? No laptop to hand? Find out how to get into Audio mode using the telephone and listen as you move.

5. Make a date.

Once registered, you’ll be sent a link enabling you to add a handy reminder to your Outlook Calendar. On that note…

6. Join on time!

Bizagi webinars are short – typically 60 minutes – so get there from the start to ensure you don’t miss any valuable content.

7. Bring a colleague.

It’s far easier to make sense of what you’ve learned if there’s two (or more) of you. Book a meeting room, log on and listen away from other office distractions.

8. Check that you can view the visuals.

Our presenters have painstakingly designed their presentations to harmonize both voice and slides. Ensuring where possible that you have access to a screen (even if listening via telephone) will put everything in context and help you better understand the content.

9. Speak up!

Group experiences make great webinars – so don’t be shy about asking questions. We want to hear from you and will publish Bizagi webinar replies online to help other users enhance their BPM knowledge.

10. Don’t forget to follow up.

We recognize that even the best-prepared plans can get waylaid by an impromptu meeting or work pressures. So if you can’t make it, don’t worry. We’ll publish the entire presentation (audio and slides) online shortly after the event so that you can watch and learn in your own time. Just keep an eye on the Bizagi blog.

Ready to continue your BPM journey?

Bizagi has a lively webinar program featuring a wide range of guest analysts and customer case studies as well as detailed product demonstrations. To find out more, or book a place on future webinars, take a look at the Bizagi Webinar Program.