Hello everyone and merci beaucoup for joining me on Thursday’s webinar. We hope you enjoyed hearing how our customer, a leading French airline, benefited from using Bizagi and came away with some useful nuggets.

I apologize that we didn’t have enough time to answer all your questions, so here are those we didn’t get to, followed by my answer:

  • What criteria led this airline to select Bizagi?

This glowing endorsement on IT Central Station summarizes the reasons very well. From our perspective, “fast results” and “easy deployment” won the day, achieved through Bizagi’s intuitive wizard.

  • Is the Rules Engine available out-of-the-box or does it need to be purchased separately?

We’re pleased to say that Rules Engine is available for free out of the box:

Bizagi BPM Lifecycle

In fact, the only element that isn’t free is the Execution/Deployment in live environment. And even then, you can test up to 20 users at zero cost. So if you’re interested in this offer, please give me a shout.

  • Can you elaborate a bit more on the aspect of collaborative work?

When asked about collaborative work, it’s always important to think strategically so we need to start from the Requirements’ Definition and go all the way to Process Execution. Bizagi’s intuitive modeling environment encourages business and IT to work collaboratively early on. What’s more, the processes you model in Bizagi will be automated and executed there too – all from within the user-friendly platform. As in the previous example, no-one explains our collaborative abilities better than the customer: in this case, Eduardo Gonzalez from adidas Group. There are tools for modeling and there are tools for execution – Bizagi does both.

  • I missed the start of the presentation. Can you explain the steps needed to automate processes in Bizagi?

Clearly this is something we need to explain a little more, so this September we’ll be running a “Model to Automate” webinar for our Community members. In the meantime, our video “Go Beyond Process Modeling” covers all the basics in an easy-to-digest style.

I hope you found the above useful and if you have any further questions or comments about the webinar itself, then please do leave a comment below.