Biz + IT = Value

We keep hearing it again and again: boards are sick and tired of this business-IT divide.

They need results and couldn’t care less about these internal political fights.

But to Bizagi this divide is born in communication: how do you get {scalability, security, re-use and fault tolerance} to understand {ROI, client satisfaction, value for money and now} ?

Bizagi believes BPM to be the bridge: we believe that only the effective collaboration of business and IT can deliver fast results to the organisation.

We also believe that flexible process automation is the only way to quickly adapt to changing business conditions, i.e. to provide business agility.

And we believe that this is only enabled by hiding away technical –albeit necessary- complexities while speaking a common language: the language of business processes.

Quick reality check during your tool selection process?

Look at the automated business processes.

Can an intelligent 12 year old understand them? (or are they cluttered with obscure technicalities)

If so, you’re safe…else run away as fast as you can.