Our business model is based on transparency and therefore a fundamental part of it is to offer our BPM solutions for download, so that potential clients can validate what they will get for their money when they do business with us.

We also believe that Bizagi offers the easiest, most powerful and with the lowest total cost of ownership BPM solution in the industry and we are happy for our customers to compare us with alternative products.

We therefore celebrate that starting today you can also download the JEE version of Bizagi from our web site.

Recent advances in java application servers (such as the release of Jboss7) combined with many years of hard work of Bizagi’s engineers made this new breakthrough release possible.

With Bizagi you can automate processes faster and more flexibly and deploy them on either JEE or .NET, which means that our clients can focus on their business requirements while resting assure that the solution will execute in their existing IT architecture.

We are eagerly waiting for your feedback, so please go on and try it!

(P.S.: you can expect more –much more– from Bizagi this year, stay tuned)