During our recent participation in Gartner’s BPM event in London, potential clients asked us what makes Bizagi stand out from the competition.

We believe Bizagi is disrupting the BPM market because of the following reasons:


Bizagi seamlessly integrated, simple yet powerful reusable components (such as the shared structured data model) drastically increase productivity in enterprise-wide deployments. You can expect to see results within weeks, not years.

Business empowerment

BPM initiatives can only be successful if they enable the effective collaboration between business and IT. Unlike most BPM tools in the market that have been designed for programmers, Bizagi is a business productivity tool that speaks the language of business while satisfying the most sophisticated IT requirements.

Robust & powerful, yet simple

Bizagi has successfully delivered what probably are the most demanding BPM projects in the world.  From single implementations spanning hundreds of processes in several continents and languages to tens of thousands cases processed per day, Bizagi offers the most robust and proven BPM solution available. This is the reason why world class companies such as Adidas, Air France, Audi, BBVA, Generali, Petrobras or Santander are using Bizagi to support their business processes.

 But don’t take our word for it, try it yourself

We are very confident that once you have experienced Bizagi’s power and simplicity you will find it very hard to consider any other alternative.

You can easily not only download and try our solution, but we have created a wealth of free resources for you to learn about Bizagi, access support and interact with our very large community.

Furthermore our process central repository of ready to download, executable process based solutions (such as Six Sigma, Policy expedition, Sarbanes Oxley and ISO 9000) enable you to be up and running in no time.

Here are some very useful links to valuable resources in our website, make sure you bookmark them:


 Engaging with Bizagi – next steps

Bizagi offers an extremely flexible and consultative engagement model that best suits our customer’s individual needs. These services range from –

  • On site demonstrations
  • Remote Webex demonstrations
  • Remote support while you ‘test drive’ our BPM solution
  • Proof of Concept

Our goal is to help our customers gain demonstrable business benefit and value from our BPM solution in the shortest possible timescale and to remove all the risks typically associated with BPM.