Challenging the way services are delivered to enhance business operations can be a daunting task for most organisations. Many approaches that strive to improve efficiency, approaches including outsourcing, sharing services and streamlining processes, you will likely find – most never reach their full potential…

Now, that’s a thing of the past!

Whether its cross-functional, cross-regional, one governance model, End-to-end processes, the needs of today’s global organisations are endless, which technologies can really increase their SSO’s Value?

If you have attended the ‘Unlocking value through process’ workshop with Raimo Kesti from Aliseda, Banco Popular at Shared Services Week in Amsterdam, then you will have realised now the many benefits of BPM:

  • If you have Processes cross-departmental and organizational boundaries, BPM can help you Map inter-departmental or inter-organizational relationships clearly modeling the ownerships and accountabilities.
  • If you have Process inefficiencies due to lack of accountability and clear ownership, BPM can enable a way to configure who is responsible for what.
  • If you have Inconsistency in completing assignments, BPM can help you enforce policies using rule engine, forms and automated validation.
  • If you have Need for speed (changing business requirements), BPM can support agile [non-IT] changes.
  • If you Want metrics for employee productivity and process efficiency tracking, BPM can increase your Capacity planning, productivity tracking and much more.

Whatever your burning business needs are, with BPM you can achieve a level of customer-centricity you never imagined possible. And most of all, with Integration and Automation you can really enhance value to meet those endless needs.

We hope you have enjoyed our Workshop with Raimo Kesti from Aliseda, Banco Popular, but in case you have missed it, view a copy of the presentation now!

Happy Reading!